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PURE 1000-CBD Oil

PURE 1000-CBD Oil

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NEW stronger and more powerful pure 1000 mg. of full spectrum hemp oil. This hemp has been locally grown in Hawaii and is: organic-non gmo-full spectrum (all parts of the plant extracted)-not processed with any chemicals-no filler-no flavors-clean and pure and non-psychoactive

Ingredients: 1000mg hemp derived cbd oil, organic mct coconut oil

Hemp Extract is a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments. Great for DOGS ALSO! May help in alleviating


2. reduce anxiety and depression

3. alleviate cancer-related symptoms

4.may reduce acne

5. may have neuroprotective properties

6.benefit the heart

7. help reduce seizures

7. help pain and inflammation from autoimmune conditions 8. help muscle repair

I do not claim to heal or treat any ailment or disease. These are just benefits that hemp oil may have on various individuals. Everyone is different. Dosage: see other pic above, but it may vary. Always start small (as in 2-4  drops) under the tongue then increase per drop from there if needed. Bottle is 1oz and if 3 drops taken per day, it should last an average of 5-6 months.

Any questions feel free to email

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