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THE HAPPY STICK-Hormonal Balance For Women

THE HAPPY STICK-Hormonal Balance For Women

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THE HAPPY STICK was  made especially for women, but, men it’s definitely for you too! Because if mom/wife/gf/other half etc.. is happy, everyone is happy right?!!

 It’s New and improved roller that can be easily rolled on your lower abdomen, back of your neck, under your feet or inner wrists.

This is a powerful infusion of evening primrose oil along with over 6 essential oils specifically to create hormonal balance. These oils have been carefully picked to help all woman no matter what cycle of life they are in. So even if you’re older in menopause or still having a normal menstrual cycle it can benefit all women’s needs.

This is a great combo and easy to carry with you. The Happy Stick, don’t leave home without it!

Ingredients: Hawaiian hemp oil, mct oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil, frankincense, peppermint, bergamot, sandalwood, ylan ylang, clary sage, thyme essential oils, dried orange peel,  love

Best for ages 13 and older

Disclaimer: not meant to treat any ailment

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